Fast Demoulding Solution for 3D Printed Models

Source: R&D Team
Time: 2018-11-06

In a nutshell, a 3D printer is a machine that turns a digital model into a solid model. Printing a 3D model with a 3D printer is a very rewarding thing. Of course, if you want to ask the most memorable experience of the 3D printer, I believe that the demolding process of the 3D printed model will be a pain that most users will experience. Especially for large-size models, the pain will be more profound.

Common tools for demolding 3D models include utility knives, blades, etc., as shown in the following picture:

After the model is printed, it is necessary to use a utility knife or a blade to carefully separate the model from the printing platform. As shown in following picture, the larger the printing model, the greater the difficulty of separation.

Fast Demoulding Solution for 3D Printed Models

Now that the good news is coming, Anet has optimized the printing platform for the above pain points and developed a quick release product that can be reused. The product is made up of a combination of special high-elastic non-metallic materials and high-temperature matte materials, which can be used for a long time. Even if the printed model is large, the model can be quickly separated.

Fast Demoulding Solution for 3D Printed Models

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