RK Alliance has become Anet’s first national general agency

Source: Anet
Time: 2018-04-04

Russian exclusive agency signing ceremony and strategic cooperation conference has been held at Anet Shenzhen office on October 25, 2017. The CEOs of the two sides have a good business communication and complete the signing ceremony.

Anet has been optimistic about the industry prospects of 3D printer market not only in Russia but also all over the world. RK Alliance has a good cooperation relationship with Anet for a long time. After the observation of Anet’s modern standard workshop, R&D achievements and strict QC, RK Alliance agrees to be Anet’s Russian exclusive agency with the appoint that the annual purchase amount of it should be no less than 5 million dollars.

The overseas market layout program of Anet is the first step to make Chinese 3D printer more international and is also a good opportunity to build a global brand of Anet. For Anet, overseas market layout program is its first step to realize its globalization strategy and has Anet to be a global brand. With the starting of Anet’s overseas market layout strategy, it will have a great influence in the development of Chinese 3D printer industry.

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